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Guide to Copyright Free Images

Guide to Copyright Free Images

What is a Copyright?
A copyright is a set of exclusive rights, which are formally granted to the author or creator of an original work. The rights granted by the copyright include protections regarding any attempts at copying, distributing or adapting the original work. In the majority of jurisdictions in the United States copyright issues arise upon fixation and do not need to be formally registered to be upheld. 
Those in possession of a copyright have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a limited time, after which the work is said to enter the public domain. Uses covered under limitation and exceptions to copyright, such as the fair use of the works, does not require explicit permission from the copyright owner. All other uses; however, will require permission. 
Copyright owners may license or permanently transfer their exclusive rights to others. As a result of this definition, it can be accurately assumed that a copyright free image is a picture or photograph that is not exclusively owned by anyone—the image is a part of public domain and therefore may be distributed, sold, altered or replicated. 

What are Copyright Free Images?
Laws regarding the use of copyright free images are somewhat ambiguous. That being said, the use of such images is an effective way to increase the viability of your particular webpage or business. The use of copyright free images is commonly done on the Internet; however, large databases are made available that store copyright free images. Before using a copyright free image for your particular business model or website, you must acknowledge and understand the difference between a copyright free image, a right protected images and royalty free images. 
A copyright free image is any picture, photograph or drawing that is provided by the photographer to be used or duplicated by any person. That being said, the owner of the picture may still own a copyright for a particular portion of the photo or image, but has simply authorized duplication or use of the image to others. 
This characteristic does not enable those using copyright free images to sell the property; right-protected images cover the picture for a specified period of time before it becomes public domain. All rights regarding a picture can be purchased through the photographer or drawer directly. In contrast, a royalty-free image may also be purchased, but will incur fees and the image must be used in a predetermined way. 
The most effective way to use or analyze copyright free images is searching various databases found online or through government bodies. Any image or picture that taken by the Government or those that are considered to be public domain are considered copyright-free images—as a result of this status these images can be used by anyone. 
Furthermore, there are databases available online that provide a wide selection of copyright free images; these websites may require registration, but in general, they are effective resources for analyzing and using copyright free images.