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How Do You Renew A Copyright?

How Do You Renew A Copyright?

The expiration of copyright protection under the U.S. intellectual property infrastructure will occur, in the case of works first registered after January 1, 1978, 70 years following the death of the person initially responsible for creating and registering the work as such. For works which were published anonymously, the expired copyright will go into effect either 95 years after the item was first published or 120 years after it was created, with this choice dependent on whichever term lasts for a longer time. 
If a work was published before this new “expiration of copyright” law went into effect for the U.S., then a renewal may be applied for following a 28 year period. In particular, the expiration of copyright after a 28-year period will be avoided for works published in the January 1, 1964-December 31, 1977 period by the automatic registration provided for such works, but registration can offer some advantages.



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