What you Must know about the Copyright Logo

What you Must know about the Copyright Logo

What you Must know about the Copyright Logo

What is a Copyright Logo?

The copyright logo, designated by ©(the letter “C” with a circle around it) is the official symbol used in copyright notices for works other than musical or sound recordings—these works are formally indicated with a similar logo, only the “C” is replaced wit

The use of the copyright logo is described in United States copyright law, and internationally, in the Universal Copyright Convention. As a result of the logo’s universal regulations and acknowledgment, the jurisdiction where the copyright logo appears, for any particular case, will be subject to either of the aforementioned bodies of law or legislation.  If you need legal advice and assistance, contact copyright lawyers.

How do I make a Copyright Logo?

Based on United States Copyright Law, a copyright notice will consist of the following logos and intricacies:

The © or copyright logo simply stands for the word “copyright”; it offers protection and affirms the year the copyrighted work was published. Furthermore, the copyright logo provides a formal identification of the owner of the copyright, either by name, abbreviation or another title by which the work is general known. 

A copyright notice was once required in order to obtain protection rights-- offered by a copyright logo—throughout the world; however, some countries only respect the Berne Convention’s policies and regulations regarding the affirmation and acknowledgement of copyright protections. 

Because the copyright logo has long been unavailable on obsolete word processing machines, such as typewriters or older computers, it is accepted to approximate the logo with the character ( C ). 

What is the Point of A Copyright Logo?

Any individual can add a copyright logo to document text; there is no need for special publishing software or additional downloads to produce a copyright logo. The copyright logo can be entered by simply using any generic computer keyboard that possesses a numeric keypad. 

There are a number of reasons you may wish to include a copyright logo in the body of your work; for example, if you own the rights to any written material it is fairly important that you identify your work as protected. Follow the steps below and you will be able to add a copyright logo to any and all of your documents. 

1. The first step to adding a copyright logo to your work is identifying the proper space in which you want to place the logo. When making reference to the copyrighted material in a written document, the copyright logo is typically placed after the formal title. 

2. When your location has been chosen, move your mouse cursor to the desired space and click on it. Find the “num lock” key on your keyboard; press it once to lock the keypad for number entry. Next, locate the “Alt” key found on the lower left or right section of the keyboard. 

Once located, hold the “Alt” key and enter “0169.” Once entered, the copyright logo should appear in the space you previously indicated with your mouse and cursor. 





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