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Where Do I Get Permission to Copyright?

Where Do I Get Permission to Copyright?

In order to copyright something, such as a piece of music, work of art, or a created work, that entity is automatically copyrighted once it becomes tangible. A copyright is automatically granted to anything once it is introduced. However, many individuals choose to register their ideas or creations with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to establish a record that of the copyright because it allows there to be record of a given copyright. 
This gives notice to others that a specific created work or entity has already been created.  An idea or concept, otherwise known as intangible entities, cannot be copyrighted. However, if that idea or concept is put into words or physical form, it can be copyrighted.  
All copyrighted works must be original ideas devoid of previous copyrights owned by other individuals. If one can prove that a created work was created prior to a similar created work, one may file a copyright infringement suit. As a result, many find the prospect of registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to be beneficial in the avoidance of copyright lawsuits and further confusion and ambiguity.



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