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All You Need to Know About Copyright Application

All You Need to Know About Copyright Application

The copyright application for copyright registration is to be completed on a form provided by the United States Copyright Office. In concurrence with the times, various copyright applications can also be obtained online via the the Copyright Office website. The copyright application, depending on the nature of the work or materials being submitted, is available in various versions, all pertaining to the types of works being deposited.
In order to insure a more effective, simpler, and cost-effective experience with the copyright registration process, it is recommended by the Copyright Office to use the electronic version of the copyright application, as long it is technically viable in accordance with the Copyright Office’s prerequisites. Generally speaking, the copyright application requires the following necessary information:

Name and address of the copyright claimant

Name and address of author of the work. If the author of the work is deceased at the time of the copyright registration process, the date of death is also to be included. If the work being submitted in the copyright application is anonymous or pseudonymous, the known legal names and address of the authors are required, if available.
In the situation that the claimant is not the original author of the work:
A brief statement of explanation or description as to how the individual obtained or acquired ownership of the copyright must be provided
Title and date in which the work was completed
If already published, the date and nation of the first publication of the work is required
If the work is part of a compilation:
A list of all, if any, previous works that the work on the copyright application is based on or referred to; A brief explanation as to how the additional material relates to the new work being applied for copyright registration is required.
For published works that are required to have been manufactured or produced in the United States, as explained by copyright law:
Names of all individuals, organizations, or factions involved with manufacture of the work in question

Place or places involved with the manufacture of the work in question
Any further information that was deemed necessary for the proper consideration for copyright registration by the Copyright Office must also be included on the copyright application. Further provisions may be taken by the Copyright Office to properly determine identification, existence, or ownership of the copyright registration process of the work in question.
The advantage of using the copyright application online for the copyright registration process also pertains to the relative ease regarding the necessary information needed to complete the procedure. The Copyright Office website offers an excellent tutorial and explanation of the requirements that will make the process easier and less complicated to understand for the copyright applicant. 
However, in certain cases, the online option is not available, either because of the nature of the work being submitted for copyright registration or the a lack of online access. Traditional paper applications are available, but will make the copyright registration process slightly more tedious than completing it online.