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Make Sure You Know the One Year Rule

Make Sure You Know the One Year Rule

The One Year rule is an aspect of U.S. patent law. These rules are an aspect of how the inventors of original creations can obtain intellectual property protection, specifically toward the amount of public exposure and use an invention can have before this form of protection is sought. 

Moreover, the One Year rule provides for a grace period during which people can experiment with the practical utility of their invention, and thereby determine whether or not it will be worth the time, expense, and effort involved in securing patent protection. Contact a patent lawyer to acquire legal advice and assistance.

As such, the One Year rule prohibits the authors of inventions from acquiring patent protection if they do so after a year. These rules can pertain either to the original invention at stake being used, sold, or offered for sale by the inventor or any other person in public, or to the publication of the invention. 



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